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At the age of 12, Ramon Montagner was already starting to develop professionally, starting at that age his studies and since then venturing into different musical styles.


A few years later, between 1992 and 2006, he started to accompany singer-songwriter Johnny Alf on tours and recordings.


At the same time he was on tour, he recorded in partnership with drummer Alexandre Cunha the video “Brazilian Duet – Ultrapassando Limites”, a project developed in 1998.

The first solo CD, Boyya (Mix House), only came out in 2000 and had several famous partnerships such as Hermeto Paschoal, Mané Silveira, Sizão Machado among others.

After his debut with his own album, in 2003, alongside Gilberto de Syllos, he released the book “Drums and Contrabass in Brazilian Music” by Editora Lumiar, which was recently re-released by Editora Irmãos Vitale.

The second solo CD came in 2006, called "SAMBASÓ", releasing in the same year the DVD "Vassourinhas na Música Brasileira", the first DVD of classes ever made on the subject in Brazil.

Six years later, in 2012, he released his third solo CD entitled “Atemporal” by DG Produções.

Among his many instrumental works are São Paulo Ska Jazz, Michel Limma Trio, Rogério Rochlitz Quartet, Rogério Botter Maio Noneto in addition to his own group.

In addition to all the works mentioned, since 2006 he has accompanied singer Luiza Possi in her recordings and shows, the group Falamansa and singer Virgínia Rosa.

Between 2016 and 2017 his international performance gained even more prominence, Ramon Montagner was in several cities in China giving workshops on Brazilian music, ending at the University of Shanghai. Also in 2017 he was present at Nine Beats Summer Drum Camp.

His notoriety outside the country was further consolidated in 2018, thus giving workshops in the main conservatories in the Netherlands, passing through Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Tilburg and Breda. He was also in Uruguay at the 1st DRUMDAY of HIT and also at the Escuela Universitária de Música in Montevideo, promoting his new book “Rhythmic Imagination-Coordination Studies for Brazilian Rhythms” and also giving the masterclass with the same name.

In 2019 he toured and performed in Italy, Portugal and the United States, where he held the above-mentioned masterclass at CALARTS in California.

In 2021 he participated in PASIC in its online version presenting his masterclass Imagination Rhythmic and new uses of Multi-Drumsticks. He also performed along with the greats Dennis Chambers and John Riley of Drum Camp Online performed by Italian drummer Alessandro Napolitano. Among his international achievements is the participation in several online masterclasses for Canada and the United States.

He is currently launching his new book and online course called "Rhythmic Imagination - Studies for the Development of the Push and Pull Technique", in addition to the launch of another book with the great drummer Alex Cohen, a title that will be released by Hudson Music in New York. He is performing in concerts and recordings all over Brazil and teaching at the IP&T in São Paulo.

Always showing his interest in delving deeper into the world of music, he studied a BA in Popular Music at FITO in Osasco/SP and a degree in History at Unicesumar, in addition to a postgraduate degree in Psycholinguistics at the Metropolitan University of São Paulo.

He currently endorses the brands: MEINL Cymbals and Percussion, TAMA Drums, Evans Drumheads, Promark Drumsticks, Torelli e Gavazzi Case.

"Ramon is someone that is a true master of the drums.

His musicality and creativity continue to push the art of drumming forward.

His exploration of technical innovation is absolutely wonderful".

Johnny Rabb

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