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Book containing 96 pages and audio tracks with download link.

Portuguese language


  • Coordination Studies for Brazilian Rhythms


    Ramon Montagner explores the rhythmic concepts of motor coordination based on systems and readings.

    This comprehensive methodology, which has already been used by great names such as Allan Dawson and Gary Chester with established methods from the world drum literature, has now been reinterpreted and adapted to the Brazilian rhythmic universe.


    It covers five of the main Brazilian rhythms such as Samba, Baião, Frevo, Maracatu and Ijexá with original and unusual systems mixed with more traditional grooves in the popular songbook.


    In the first three sessions of the book, systems for readings in one, two and three voices are presented, with a deep dive into the rhythmic voices of each studied genre. In addition, in sessions 4 and 5 he works with the concept of Harmonic Independence, as a result of the previous chapters and also systems and readings for Brazilian rhythms in 5/4 and 7/8.

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